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15 Things You Didn’t Know About Beer

Need better bar banter? We’ve collected a list of 15 crazy things you didn’t know about beer.

  1. Ever re-directed a road trip in search of beer? So did the pilgrims! The Mayflower originally intended to travel further south than it did along the east coast, but the passengers became restless for beer when their supplies ran out and decided they had gone far enough.

  2. The beer bottle was not invented until 1850. Before then, beer drinkers would fill up large buckets at local beer houses and carry the buckets home.

  3. Most large American brands of beer are brewed with rice which creates a lighter taste and contains fewer calories than traditional beers. No wonder American beer sucks.

  4. Ever wonder why Root Beer has its name? It used to be called Root Tea, but marketers changed the name to include beer to attract more attention.

  5. You can thank PBR for the invention of the six pack. In the 1940s, Pabst Brewery conducted a study to determine the weight of beer cans that a housewife could carry home from the grocery store. After deciding that six cans was the perfect weight, the six pack was born.

  6. In Bavaria, the government has legally named beer a staple food.

  7. The word “cash” is derived from the ancient Egyptian word “kash” which was a primitive type of beer. The workers who built the pyramids were paid in “kash” cutting out that inconvenient middle step of depositing your paycheck to then go buy beer.

  8. You think paying $2 a bottle for craft beer is a hardship? A beer known as “Tutankhamen” sells for $52 per bottle and is brewed following an ancient recipe discovered by archaeologists from the University of Cambridge in Queen Nefertiti’s Temple of the Sun.

  9. According to a 1116 BCE Chinese imperial edict, one had to consume beer in order to have an afterlife.

  10. Along the same lines, in the 13th century children were regularly baptized in beer.

  11. An average of 7 million pints of Guinness are sold every day.

  12. The word bridal comes from a medieval tradition in England where a bride would serve wedding guests with “Bride Ale” in return for gifts for the couple.

  13. In the Czech Republic, Coke is more expensive than beer. A bottle of beer costs the equivalent of 20 cents while a coke of the same size costs 60 cents. This might explain why the Czechs are the biggest beer drinkers in the world, consuming an average of 160 liters a year.

  14. The first lager beer to be brewed in the US was brewed by John Wagner in Philadelphia in 1840. We wonder what he would think of mass produced American lagers of today.

  15. Like civilization? You can thank beer. In 5,000 BCE, neolithic humans traded in their hunter-gatherer nomadic lifestyles to settle down and develop farms to grow grains needed for brewing beer.

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