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wine-and-grapes-500Chicken wings, no matter how they’re prepared, are among the simplest but memorable pleasures of life. Be sure to mark the occasion with a glass of wine.


Well, yes. Beer may be the traditional choice for wings, especially those sauced up in classic Buffalo style. With a little bit of experimentation, though, you can find just the right wine for whatever type of wings you are serving—even the honey barbecue wings used in Good Eating’s tasting.

Natalie MacLean, author of “Red, White and Drunk All Over,” recommends an off-dry riesling or a fruity merlot with honey barbecue wings.

Chicken wings and beer are natural partners. But what if you love wings and dislike beer? Or what if you simply feel like having a glass of wine with your wings? As much as I love having a bottle of beer on a hot sunny day (a bottle rather than a glass) or after working out at the gym, I find it filling and bloating. I dislike the idea of being bloated because of a beverage. If choosing to be bloated, I prefer this to be a result of too many French fries or chicken wings!

OK, let's get the usual disclaimer out of the way right up front: we know that for most people, Super Bowl Sunday is all about the beer. But we are not most people. This weekend, although we'll be eating the kind of greasy, salty snacks that require no utensils, we want to drink wine while we watch the New York Giants face the undefeated New England Patriots (whose fans are apparently Wine Spectator readers). And if you're reading this, it's a safe bet that that you want that, too.

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